How bots kill coverage: solving the mystery of bots on Instagram with Instaplus.Pro

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In the era of digital marketing, social media platforms such as Instagram are becoming powerful tools for brands and entrepreneurs. However, the number of bots is also increasing, negatively affecting reach and engagement. In this article, we will discuss how bots kill reach and how to identify bots among Instagram followers.

Why Are Bots Dangerous?

Decrease in Reach:
Bots reduce the reach of posts, as Instagram identifies them as inactive users, reducing engagement and visibility of publications.

Loss of Trust:
The activity of bots can raise suspicions and doubts among real followers, which can ultimately lead to a loss of trust and departure of the target audience.

How to Identify Bots?

Lack of Activity:
Bots rarely like, comment, or interact with content. Check the activity of suspicious accounts.

Standard Comments:
Bots often leave template and unrelated comments. Pay attention to repetitive and inappropriate comments.

No Avatar:
Many bots do not have a profile photo or use standard images.

Few Publications:
Accounts with a small number or no publications may be bots.

How to Combat Bots?

Use Instaplus.Pro:
Our service helps to optimize your Instagram strategy by identifying and blocking bots, to increase reach and engagement.

Regular Account Audit:
Regularly check your account for suspicious followers and remove them.

Focus on Target Audience:
Concentrate on high-quality content and strategies to attract the real target audience.


Bots on Instagram can seriously undermine your brand's reputation and reduce the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Identifying and blocking bots become a key element of a successful Instagram promotion strategy. Instaplus.Pro offers effective solutions for combating bots, optimizing content, and increasing reach, so your brand can grow and thrive in the digital environment.

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