Mass Following and Mass Liking vs Follower Inflation: What to Choose?

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Instagram has become a powerful tool for marketing and brand promotion. There are numerous strategies available to increase visibility and engagement, including mass following, mass liking, and follower inflation. In this article, we will explore the differences between these methods and the advantages of mass following and mass liking.

What is Mass Following and Mass Liking?

Mass following is a method in which an account follows a large number of users in the hope that they will follow back. Mass liking is a method in which an account likes numerous posts to attract users’ attention. Services like Instaplus.Pro offer tools for effective mass following and mass liking.

Both of these methods are oriented towards engaging real users and building an organic audience. They help increase account visibility and create a subscriber base interested in your content.

What is Follower Inflation?

Follower inflation involves purchasing fake followers or bots to increase the number of followers on an account. This method can create an illusion of popularity but doesn’t bring real engagement or interest to the brand.

Advantages of Mass Following and Mass Liking

1. Real Audience:
These methods attract real people, increasing the chances of high engagement and interaction.

2. High Engagement:
Since mass following and mass liking attract people interested in your content, the likelihood of activity (likes, comments, reposts) is significantly higher, especially when using specialized services like Instaplus.Pro.

3. More Targeted Actions:
Thanks to interest and engagement, the likelihood of conversions (purchases, subscriptions, registrations) increases.

4. Organic Growth:
Mass following and mass liking contribute to the organic growth and development of the account, strengthening relationships with the audience and creating a community around the brand.


Mass following and mass liking are focused on establishing long-term relationships with subscribers and enhancing brand image, while follower inflation only yields short-term and superficial results. Opting for mass following and mass liking is an investment in the stable and organic development of your brand on Instagram.

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