Instagram has announced 2 new features

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Social networks do not cease to please their users with new features for more comfortable use. Now Instagram is saturated with an abundance of different "buns" that are liked not only by owners of personal accounts, but also by bloggers with a multi-million audience. By the way, in order not to spend a long time getting a larger audience, we recommend using the services of cheating. They will simplify your first steps towards a successful profile by attracting new active readers.

1. Restrict Function

Now you can restrict access to any user. In this case, he will not receive a notification about it. Many users reacted negatively. And I say that this method of blocking can significantly worsen the situation between users. In addition, after adding a specific profile to the block, it will not be able to see comments to posts. And also read or send any messages.

2. The notification function of the "toxicity" comment

The basis of this function is artificial intelligence.  It will automatically notify users if they post a comment that is" toxic " to other people. At the same time providing an opportunity to avoid the publication of such texts. People will think about it and I can change my mind by editing the comment.
The Instagram team conducted several tests before launching such a project. As a result, it was determined that when such warnings are displayed, most users rewrite the comment in a milder form. Or even refuses to publicly Express their opinions.

Consequences of the function

There are two sides to implementing this feature. On the one hand, the social network will try to get rid of a lot of negativity. On the other hand, people have every right to Express their opinion and decide whether their comment is a "toxin". In addition, the level of this very "toxicity" is determined by artificial intelligence, which can not always rationally assess the situation.

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