Mutual PR: a way to advance

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Mutual PR on Instagram is a very effective way to promote and promote your account.

The meaning of mutual PR is that you need to choose a partner and tell about him on your page, and the partner, respectively, will tell about you. Thus, there is an exchange of subscribers, and each account holder remains only in the black.

Mutual PR techniques on Instagram

There are several methods of mutual PR in Instagram: a post in the feed and a post in stories. Let's consider each method in more detail.

Repost publications in stories

This option involves reposting the post in stories. This is a good way to advertise a contest, promotion or any upcoming event.

Live story in stories

A live story in stories is a popular and effective peer-to-peer method. You can talk about a person’s account, mark it in stories and encourage your audience to subscribe. If subscribers are interested in this account - involvement is guaranteed!


Joint live broadcasting is an interesting business, but it requires more creativity and time. Think with your partner about the live broadcast scenario and make the most effective advertising for each other live.

PR in Instagram feed

This type of promotion involves reposting the partner’s post in their feed. It is done less often than PR in stories, but it works fine. You publish a post on your page with a note about the partner, and he is about you. If the topic is interesting to your general audience, the effect will be immediately noticeable. In this case, no one hides the advertising essence of the publication, but it looks as natural as possible.


Mutual PR on Instagram is a fast and effective way to promote your profile. You can search for bloggers and partners yourself, or you can use the services of special services. This allows you to make an effective advertising post, but at the same time the risk of stumbling upon a possible fraud on the part of the partner disappears.

Independent search for partners for mutual PR is no less effective, but for this you need to spend a lot of time and effort. If you are not ready to lose your time and take risks, then there is the opportunity to resort to a simpler method using the services of INSTAPLUS.PRO.

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