Business in Instagram: how to become popular and start earning

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One of the most important questions you should ask yourself: what is the purpose of your Instagram account? Business can be completely different: development of a personal blog, online shop and other commercial areas. Based on this, you can create the right plan of work for your profile. And it is useful both for beginners and experienced users who want to increase sales and become even better known.

If we talk about a commercial account, the goal may be: sales, increase the target audience, increase brand recognition. We will focus on one of the most popular goals - getting sales. This topic is more relevant than ever!

How to increase the number of subscribers

To get an active audience, you need to create an interesting and "live" account. You can twist your subscribers, likes and comments a million times, but does it make sense if the bots do not increase your sales?

If we talk about the online store, it should also look delicious and interesting. You can create a storefront in Instagram, but it is not quite effective. You need to create a content plan with headings that will be really interesting to your subscribers. And all that people are interested in - they buy. We share some ideas with you.


Talk about the goods or services you offer. Do it clearly, highlight your advantages. Of course, this is the most direct advertisement. But if you do it right, it will not irritate the audience, but, on the contrary, activate it. Nobody is interested in dry and boring photos. Be original!

Interest the audience

Share useful information that concerns your business. For example, if you are a chocolate maker, take a picture of the production process and share interesting recipes that anyone can repeat. Create a lifefly that your subscribers will want to use. Another option is to raffle off regular gifts (a product or service). And do it as easy as possible. If you offer an audience to subscribe to 100 units of your friends for a chocolate bar, no one will do it. Create the simplest possible conditions. Be generous, and you can keep and increase your audience. You'll win anyway.


Collect feedback from your customers. It is desirable that they are real and alive. For example, you can give a discount on your next purchase, provided that the person makes a review in photo or video format. In this way he will share your profile with his real friends, and for you it is the same effective advertising.

Team spirit

If you have a whole team in your business, don't hide it. Create a section "Our team" and broadcast all the interesting events. Are you going bowling on Friday night or skiing? Have you organized a master class on a working day? Share it with your subscribers. People want to know who they buy the product from. And if they see that it's a cool and cohesive team, it will only increase the confidence in your business.

Profile design

Today the leading position is occupied by visual marketing. A modern and businessman will not spend his time on long reading the posts if he is not "caught" visually. This also applies to sales. Dry and boring text is interesting to few people. Yes, the product can be exclusively technical, but they can also attract an audience. And this is done with the help of visual content. Today, the voluminous text information is perceived by people extremely hard. So arm yourself with cool marketing tools and conquer the target audience, and attract new ones.

How not to turn into a zombie

Of course, working in Instagram requires a lot of effort. And in order not to turn into a zombie, working on your profile, you can simplify your work. If you don't want to jump from your alarm clock every day at a certain time to post a post, you can turn to special services that are engaged in automatic posting of publications on social networks. To do this, it will be enough to make a content plan, decide on the days and time of publication of posts, and quietly do other things.

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