What mistakes do brands make on Instagram?

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When promoting their own brand on Instagram, most entrepreneurs make mistakes. You can avoid them by examining each of these errors in more detail.

The simpler the better

You can spend a lot of time on hashtags, promotion, and more, but users will not buy your product if the purchase consists of several tedious steps. It is worth remembering that a modern Instagram user wants to spend a minimum of time on this. To see if it’s easy to buy your product, look at the whole process through the eyes of your customer.

Purchased followers, likes and comments

Almost every confident Instagram user can immediately distinguish fake subscribers from real ones. For many entrepreneurs, buying new subscribers seems like the perfect option. But it is important to understand that such a way of promotion only moves the brand away from achieving its goals. Does it make sense for thousands of subscribers who have nothing to do with your subject and content?
Yes, you need to promote your account! But this must be done using effective promotion methods and quality content.

Sales, only sales

Do not forget that Instagram is primarily a platform where the audience can follow the lives of friends and public figures, read blogs and get inspired. Sales are the next step. Therefore, many companies repel subscribers precisely by persistently selling their product. Turn on the fantasy! Do not focus solely on sales, but make your brand and account interesting.

Instagram Stories. Is it necessary?

Of course you must! Most companies neglect this, although this is one of the effective ways to interact with the target audience and attract new subscribers.
Share in Stories everything that seems interesting and relevant to you. Dilate brand-related photos and videos with simple posts. Communicate in this way with subscribers and show your love for customers.

By avoiding these simple mistakes, a company can achieve real success. But, of course, do not forget about professional methods of promotion!

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