Why your Instagram posts are not receiving enough attention: Algorithms and Solutions

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Instagram is a realm where visual content and interaction reign supreme. However, even with outstanding content, many find themselves puzzled as to why their posts aren’t achieving the expected reach and interactions. Perhaps the secret lies in understanding Instagram's algorithms and leveraging them to your advantage.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm focuses on several key factors: user interests, content recency, and profile interaction. This means that posts deemed more relevant to the user and having more interactions (likes, comments, views) will achieve greater reach.

What Could Go Wrong?

1. Irrelevant Content. If your content does not align with your audience’s interests, it won't be shown to the majority of your followers.
2. Lack of Interaction. A shortage of likes and comments may signal to the algorithm the low value of the post.
3. Old Content. The algorithm favors newer posts, making them more visible.

Solutions and Strategies

Audience Research: Conduct analysis to understand what interests your audience. This may include analyzing demographics, interests, and behaviors of followers.
Example: If your audience is interested in yoga, post content related to poses, breathing techniques, and healthy eating.

Creating Engaging Content: Initiate dialogue with your followers through polls, questions, and active calls to action.
Example: Ask questions and encourage followers to share their opinions and ideas in the comments.

Maintaining Content Relevance: Keep up with trends and post content that is current and fresh.
Example: Use relevant hashtags and join popular challenges and trends.

Enhancing Interaction

One way to enhance interaction with your content is by utilizing tools to increase social signals, such as Instaplus.Pro. Such tools can automate the mass following and mass liking processes, helping to increase reach and interactions.


Understanding and leveraging Instagram's algorithms can make your content more visible and engaging. Researching audience interests, creating interactive and relevant content, and stimulating interaction can help you increase reach and gain more followers.

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