Best time to publish posts in Instagram

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A successful profile in Instagram is, first of all, planning and forming the right strategy. Therefore, for a business to prosper, it is necessary to make an effort. Just adding a beautiful photo or video is not enough. You need to understand the needs and preferences of your audience and have a clear content plan.
Instagram is a very popular social network, and this popularity is growing day by day. One of the main components of its success is publication time. What time is the most suitable for publishing posts? We are talking not only about the time of day, but also about the days of the week. Let's take a closer look.

The time of day

We have analyzed each period of time and made certain conclusions that we want to share with you:

- Morning (7:00-9:00). A certain part of Instagram users go to social networks to cheer up and get more creative inspiration for the upcoming day. But this does not apply to weekends. On weekends, you should post your publications before 11:00.

- Day (12:00-14:00). Lunch break is a great excuse for many to look into Instagram, share the news and check for updates.
- Evening (17:00-19:00). In the evening most people get home and are happy to check for Instagram updates.
- Night. During this period few people publish records and wait for updates. If your audience is young people, it is likely that publications at night will be more than successful.
We would also like to note that each period of time has its advantages. And much depends on the direction in Instagram, as well as on the type of content. So, having read our data, we still recommend you to experiment on your own and analyze the results obtained.
As mentioned above, a lot depends on the content. You can see the same photos at any time: at work, in transport, or on the street. With video it's not that simple, because you can't turn on the sound everywhere. So the best time to watch a video is on a weekday night or any time at the weekend.
Live broadcasts should also be available either on the weekend or any other day, but in the evening.

Day of the week

People tend to perceive information differently, so before you post, you need to analyze both the type of content and the day of the week:
- Monday is not the best day to present serious information that requires a person to think. It is a good day for entertaining content.
- Tuesday is more suitable for serious information and people are already ready to accept important information.
- Wednesday is a great day to share with your audience the internal process and outcome.
- Thursday is the best time to talk about your audience. If you have clients, tell them about them, offer them some chips and bonuses. In most cases, this trick works out well.
- Friday is a day that also should not be cluttered with serious and important information. People are looking forward to the end of the working day in anticipation of the weekend. So take care of the fun and entertaining content.
- Saturday and Sunday are suitable for publishing easy and enjoyable content. You can also add motivational posts.
Bad time for publications
If there is a good time for publication, there should be a bad time. If the age category is important in your business, it is not difficult to find this bad time. For example, if your audience is students, it is not an option to put up posts during school hours. The audience will not react to your publications (likes and comments), and the Instagram algorithm will take it as uninteresting content and hide the publication in the feed from your subscribers, even if they are online.

Recommendations and tips

We would like to share a few recommendations with you so that you can determine a suitable time for publication:
1. Explore your audience in detail.
2. experiment and analyze the results obtained. Not all percent of your audience will be active at "a better time", so don't stop at one to avoid losing active subscribers at another time.
3. do not forget about the content. Publication time is very important, but the content still remains in the first place. Make sure that your photos, videos and text are quality, lively and interesting. All of this together will allow the success of the individual publication and the account as a whole.
Summing up, we can say that there is no universal ideal time for the publication of posts for all. Each account owner should be able to analyze and independently choose this time.
Many studies show a good time, but this is not a single result. Much depends on your audience, content, and business as a whole. Use special tools, collect statistics and achieve success!
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